The Regular Expression (RegEx) Cheat Sheet you always wanted

I get it even though Regex is incredibly useful, it is extremely hard to master! This is a cheat sheet that provides the most common RegEx use cases that will help you whenever need a sneak peek at the Regex syntax!

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By default quantifiers are greedy (they try to match as much of the string as possible). The ? character after the quantifier makes the quantifier non-greedy (it will stop as soon as it finds a match).

For Example: \d+? for a test string 12345 will match only 1, but \d+ will match the entire string 12345


Flags are put at the end of the regular expression. They are used to modify how the regular expression behaves.

For Example: /a/ for a test string a will match a only, but adding the flag i (/a/i) would match both a and A

That’s all folks!

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