Git Cheat Sheet with 40+ commands & concepts

Tired of memorizing commands? Here is a cheat sheet with 40+ commands to simplify your life.

1. Initialize a local repository

git init <directory>

The is optional. If you don't specify it, the current directory will be used.

2. Clone a remote repository

git clone <url>

3. Add a file to the staging area

git add <file>

To add all files in the current directory, use in place of .

git add .

4. Commit changes

git commit -m "<message>"

If you want to add all changes made to tracked files & commit

git commit -a -m "<message>"

# or

git commit -am "<message>"

5. Remove a file from the staging area

git reset <file>

6. Move or rename a file

git mv <current path> <new path>

7. Remove a file from the repository

git rm <file>

You can also remove it from staging area only using flag

git rm --cached <file>

Basic Git Concepts

8. Default branch name:

9. Default remote name:

10. Current branch reference:

11. Parent of : or

12. Grandparent of : or

13. Display branches

git branch

Useful flags:

  • : Display all branches (local & remote)
  • : Display remote branches
  • : Display branches with last commit

14. Create a branch

git branch <branch>

You can create a branch and switch to it using the command.

git checkout -b <branch>

15. Switch to a branch

git checkout <branch>

16. Delete a branch

git branch -d <branch>

You can also force delete a branch using the flag.

git branch -D <branch>

17. Merge a branch

git merge <branch to merge into HEAD>

Useful flags:

  • : Create a merge commit even if the merge resolves as a fast-forward
  • : Squash all commits from the specified branch into a single commit

Fast forward Merge

Non-Fast forward Merge

It is suggested to not use the flag as it will squash all commits into a single commit, leading to a messy commit history.

18. Rebase a branch

Rebasing is the process of moving or combining a sequence of commits to a new base commit

git rebase <branch to rebase from>

19. Checkout a previous commit

git checkout <commit id>

20. Revert a commit

git revert <commit id>

21. Reset a commit

git reset <commit id>

You can also add the flag to delete all changes, but use it with caution.

git reset --hard <commit id>

22. Check out the status of the repository

git status

23. Display the commit history

git log

24. Display the changes to unstaged files

git diff

You can also use the flag to display the changes to staged files.

git diff --staged

25. Display the changes between two commits

git diff <commit id 01> <commit id 02>

26. Stash changes

The stash allows you to temporarily store changes without committing them.

git stash

You can also add a message to the stash.

git stash save "<message>"

27. List stashes

git stash list

28. Apply a stash

Applying the stash will NOT remove it from the stash list.

git stash apply <stash id>

If you do not specify the , the latest stash will be applied (Valid for all similar stash commands)

You can also use the format to apply a stash (Valid for all similar stash commands)

git stash apply stash@{0}

29. Remove a stash

git stash drop <stash id>

30. Remove all stashes

git stash clear

31. Apply and remove a stash

git stash pop <stash id>

32. Display the changes in a stash

git stash show <stash id>

33. Add a remote repository

git remote add <remote name> <url>

34. Display remote repositories

git remote

Add a flag to display the URLs of the remote repositories.

git remote -v

35. Remove a remote repository

git remote remove <remote name>

36 Rename a remote repository

git remote rename <old name> <new name>

37. Fetch changes from a remote repository

git fetch <remote name>

38. Fetch changes from a particular branch

git fetch <remote name> <branch>

39. Pull changes from a remote repository

git pull <remote name> <branch>

40. Push changes to a remote repository

git push <remote name>

41. Push changes to a particular branch

git push <remote name> <branch>

That’s all folks! 🎉

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