Dev Tools Unleashed: 7 things you probably didn’t know Dev Tools could do

Tapajyoti Bose
4 min readJun 19, 2022


The Chromium Dev Tools provides a powerful toolset for debugging and testing web apps, but most people are content with using it to check out only the elements and styling.

This article will open your eyes to the true power of the Dev Tools and how to use them to your advantage!

1. CSS Grid & Flexbox Visual Editor 🔎

Configuring Flexbox and CSS Grid can be complicated, especially for beginners. Luckily, the Chromium Dev Tools have a built-in visual editor makes the process a walk in the park!

Simply click the icon next to display: flex or display: grid in the Dev Tools and the visual editor pop open.

2. Box Shadow Editor 👥

To add box-shadow that looks great, in case they don’t have a design ready, developers often rely on trial and error, which includes changing the values and reloading the site hundreds of times!

The Box Shadow Editor allows you to modify the shadow visually and see the updates on your site real-time!

3. Layer Inspector 🍰

The Layer Inspector provides a 3D view of the layers in your site, which helps you debug why certain elements are not properly visible on the website!

In case you cannot find the Layer Inspector, click the three dots on the top right > Select More Tools > Layers.

4. Animation Inspector 😉

Ever seen an incredible animation on some website, but couldn’t wrap your head around how it was made? Using the Animation Inspector, now you can easily check out the changes being made and even modify their timelines!

In case you cannot see the Animation Inspector, you can open it up by selecting Animations under More Tools.

5. Check Code Coverage 🔎

Wondering why your website takes ages to load up? The Code Coverage tool will tell you exactly what percentage of your code is actually being used, enabling you to get rid of unused code and improve your site’s performance!

In case you cannot see the Coverage Inspector, you can open it up by selecting Coverage under More Tools.

6. Throttle Network Speed ⏱️

Want to deliver outstanding performance to devices with slow connections too? You can test out the experience by throttling the network speed.

The option to throttle are available under the Network tab in the Dev Tools.

7. Color Picker 🎨

Just like the Box Shadow Editor, the Color Picker allows you to modify the color of an element visually and see the updates on your site real-time!

To get started, click on the color icon on the left of the color value under the styles tab.

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